Psychiatric Consultation
A psychiatric consultation is a comprehensive evaluation of the psychological, biological, medical and social causes of emotional distress. Doctor Kim will review your current stresses and problems and any past medical or psychiatric conditions. This information, as well as any necessary medical records and laboratory tests, will lead to the formulation of a comprehensive treatment plan.

  • 1. Initial consultation: 300,000 won
  • 2. Psychological test-PAI (personality assessment inventory): 150,000 won
  • 3. baseline lab: CBC, TFT (thyroid function test), CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel) and vitamin D level: 300,000 won

(Please check with your insurance for coverage before making appointment)

(National Health Insurance card holders: about 330,000 won for all three of the above-about 50% coverage)

For new patients, please download the 'International Clinic Client Intake Form' and after completion, please email the file to

International Clinic Client Intake Form